The Scam Buster Blog (SBB) is the brainchild fromĀ Darren Protheroe, A.K.A DAZBO the highly controversial Youtube Vlogi666iei1ir9q9j4b4g0kn46e77589017.jpg-finalger whose Vlogs have gone down well in the rev share industry and beyond. Helping save people thousands of dollars and quickly ended lots of scammers stupid scams in fine fashion and made their lives hell.

Being at the forefront of online marketing, DAZBO reviews everything out there and if they are a scam or look like they will scam then war will start between him and the scammers.

And this man don’t take no prisoners or beat around the bush as it was only the other day when he was knocking on the doors of scammers in his native Wales in the UK, MAKING SURE HE MADE THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT THEM.

DAZBO believes that the power of the internet is a magnet for all crooks and the perfect hunting ground for him is social media but will never back down from exposing these vile cretins and posting them on this blog or through his controversial vlogs.

DAZBO will get you if your a scammer and make you pay for your mistakes and your scams.

Even if your door has to be knocked.