Finally, time to take the fight to scams!

Welcome to the Official home of the Scam Buster Blog  or (SBB) for short.

Scam Buster Blog

We Bust Scams!

Hey guys! DAZBO here and for a long time, after being stung so many times online myself by countless programs, i have decided to devote most of my spare time to exposing the scammers which i owe a huge thanks to a few victims who have helped me to make this blog so i dedicate this blog to you guys.

Scam Busting hasn’t always been a huge a must do hobby for myself as i haven’t really had much time bringing up children and trying to juggle family life, it was only when i fell victim did i think that it is time to expose these bastards once and for all.

Not just for my own gratification but to help save hundreds if not thousands of people worldwide from being stung like me and making sure that your armed with nothing but FACTS and never fiction.

We not only expose scammers, but we have close ties with similar type blogs and vloggers all over the UK and in some other parts of the world and plus more importantly, we expose these worthless scumbag scammers to ALL the right law enforcement agencies and Government bodies from the FBI to the Met Police to the Canadian CAFC in Canada, thus helping ALL victims and visitors with all right ammo to help avoid scams like the plague and if you were caught up in one, we help you on a one-2-one basis overcome it and help you take down the scammers.

So if your a scammer and your reading this, Your days are numbered pal!





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